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Our cutting-edge promotional software the ‘Retailer Reward platform’ collects data  direct from the retailers through product and category distribution reports. This give you real-time insights into where they are buying product from, and what they are buying the product with. This knowledge will make your relationships with retailers even more rewarding.

How it works

Rewards is the
spotlight of Reapp

Rewards is the spotlight that shines on brilliant insights. It empowers you to see what retailers are buying, where from and what with. Using image recognition tech, Rewards builds a rounded view of product distribution and retailer behaviour, strengthening the relationship from both perspectives.

By rewarding the actions and behaviours that benefit everyone, you can be more efficient, shift more units, and engage more customers…which is all very rewarding stuff.


Rewards intelligence delivered how you like it.

Reapp Rewards can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. This could be monitoring product distribution, capturing gaps in availability, tracking competitor activity, even pricing, POS and packaging differentiation. 

Data is captured, processed and then presented in your own bespoke dashboard. This laser-like insight means you know the current conditions and surroundings of individual products instantly!


Unrivalled investment and innovation

We’ve invested over £10 million in our data and tech platforms over the last 5 years. This software can not be bought anywhere else. Like that famous retail saying “We don’t make products for anybody else!”

We’ve applied a mobile first strategy to create cutting edge solutions that require minimal customisation. This means you can be up and running quickly and really stealing a march on your competition.

Increasing distribution efficiently

Using crowdsourcing methodology to accurately and effectively collate distribution data for your brand across the independent retailer estate, Rewards uses this data, in combination with effective engagement and tactical field campaigns, to maximise distribution, quickly and efficiently.

Because engagement is essential

Reapp Rewards will improve your sales, availability and compliance by ensuring stockists and customers are engaged with your brand and marketing promotions.

This is not just fundamental, it is essential for any brand or retailer with ambitions to boost customer loyalty and amplify sales.

Much, much more than just EPOS data!

We shine a light on a dark market with limited data. Utilising data taken from image recognition, Reapp Rewards provides rich data on: pricing, competitors, basket spend and RTM, to help you successfully execute your growth strategies.

Real life. Real time. Real sales!

Rewards is part of a suite of software that begins by harvesting data from many, many different sources to create the most well-rounded and detailed distillations and actions that will empower you, your team, your products. To give you an idea of how we do this, just some of our data sources are…

  • Crowdsourced distribution data – Ireland & UK Convenience
  • Data from colleagues in store
  • Image recognition and store images
  • Consumer and Retailer loyalty platforms
  • Demographic and Census
  • Meta data sources, such as weather, key event, and travel information

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>2k distribution points in 6 months

At Reapp, life is more Rewarding when you think outside the box – especially when it comes to collecting data.

That’s why our app is able to give you incredible insights into your loyal customer base, even in little-less-known retailers.

Worried that your target audience won’t be able to reach your brand’s products? Struggling to pick up those crucial data units in shops and stores without typical tracking sources or EPOS capabilities?

Never fear, we’re here. 

Reapp Rewards is a cohesive data solution that works with the business owners stocking your products, offering shelf-edge insights into exactly where they sit on the shelf. 

A snapshot of your brand’s potential 

Our reward scheme works in partnership with snap-happy retailers who simply take pictures of their cash-and-carry orders, displays, and even marketing materials in-store, in exchange for regular discounts and other goodies.

From here, you can get the lowdown on the juicy details that make good brands great. 

Tracking competitor activity, pricing, packaging differentiation, availability gaps, and even distribution monitoring can be gleaned from a single photo, giving you all the tools you need to build amazing customer relationships and experiences. 

From here, you can supercharge your product offering with insights squeezed straight from your buyer’s journey, helping you turn potential clients into brand-loyal customers with a few simple clicks. 

So when it comes to valuing your customer base and boosting retention rates, ensuring your audience gets the best of your brand’s presence is an excellent way to keep them coming back for more.  

Find out what Rewards we have in-store (and out) by booking a demo today. 

What does it mean to build customer loyalty?

American writer Elbart Hubbard once said, “If put to the pinch, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.”

Although we do think that we are rather clever (if years spent creating the Reapp suite of software and numerous glowing reviews is anything to go by) – we do agree that customer loyalty is a brand’s bread and butter.

That golden touch: turning loyalty into currency 

It might seem obvious, but customer loyalty is what happens when buyers stick with a brand and routinely purchase from them. 

This tends to happen when companies, both big and small, give excellent and reliable customer service time and time again, all while providing top-quality products that keep them coming back for more. 

From here, return custom translates into a strong client retainer, promising solid revenue while you explore new and exciting areas for potential growth in the future. 

According to Forbes, loyal customers are certainly worth their weight in gold (or, at least, data) – as they form the foundations of your ‘custom audience’.

These are the best people to glean insights from, giving you a sense of which products are in high demand, where they are being purchased from, which external factors are impacting their buyer’s journey and even what their preferred choice of payment is. 

So how do you choose the best way to catch the attention of potential customers for your brand?

Let’s find out. 

What are the 3 types of brand loyalty?

Much like figuring out your best friend’s favourites, be that a block of Dairy Milk or a cup of overpriced coffee they can’t get enough of, you’ll find humans are suddenly a lot more amenable when you do something nice for them. 

Your brand will no doubt already be all over the creation of positive customer experiences, whether that’s through the products themselves, marketing, and everything that goes into top-class retail compliance and planning. 


It’s all about that loyalty, baby.

However, there are a few different types of ‘customer brand loyalty’ that can be tapped into, whether that’s through the use of software or a cohesive field sales solution.  

Habitual Loyalty 

As the name suggests, this is where the customer buys your product simply because it’s a force of habit. They might have initially chosen your brand over a competitor because of convenience or easy access (perhaps your retailer is closer to home, for example) – but there’s nothing that says that there’s a strong urge to buy from you and you alone.

Humans are machines of routine. The same goes for our shopping habits.  

Transactional Loyalty 

Now, this is where things start to get interesting. Everybody loves a freebie, so transactional loyalty tends to happen through the use of, you guessed it, loyalty programs and reward schemes. This means any purchases are done with the aim of gaining something back from the brand, like dedicated airline miles or a free stay at a hotel after a certain number of bookings, for example. 

While it is one of the most effective ways to create personalised experiences for your customers, especially when it offers exclusive discounts to what is essentially a captive audience. This is also a great way to funnel marketing messages straight into the waiting minds of satisfied customers, although it’s important to remember that this particular strain of loyalty is not built on emotional connection, so if a ‘better’ deal comes along… they will likely jump ship. 

Emotional Loyalty

This is the golden goose. The thing that all brands go to bed dreaming about. 

Emotional loyalty comes as the result of great customer experiences and exceptional value that the buyer feels your product provides them with, giving you ample opportunity to build on that connection. Client retention is seamless, almost as easy as the introduction of new custom through dependable word of mouth, thanks to trusted product recommendations and personal testimonials from person to person. 

It’s like sports teams. Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, passionate people will always rush to defend their favourites, right to the final whistle. 

We want to help brands create their own league of superfans. 

Find out how with Reapp.

Reapp the Rewards and build your brand-loyal customer 

 No man is an island. 

Bridge that gap by finding out your customer’s ideal wants, needs, and passions with the help of Rewards. 

By sourcing data that would previously have gone untapped, we can help you create incredible campaigns and customer retention strategies that help build brand loyalty. 

All it takes is a few snaps and you’re ready to go. 

After all, if we’re talking about fast-moving consumer goods, it makes sense to use data insights that can keep up with the pace. 

Get in touch with the team today to discover how we can transform your brand presence both on and off the shelf. 

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