Making the world
a better place

Each day we support our clients on their own green missions, but we’re on our own too.

At Reapp our dedicated team of passionate people have been carefully working behind the scenes on many initiatives to make us a greener, more responsible company. From the paper we print on, to the way we use water in our office, we are striving to make responsible choices with all of the resources we use.



We are on a
B Corp mission

Reapp’s field team partner, Tactical Solutions (member of the Dee Set Group), is a B Corp certified business.

Our aim is to always conduct our business sustainably, to the high standards set by Tactical Solutions. This means that we’ll prioritise both the environment and our workforce when conducting any business working towards more than just bottom-line profit.



A Carbon Neutral company

We’re proud to be recognised as a Carbon Neutral Company and we’re accredited by ClimatePartner.

We offset our current carbon footprint, 809,000 kgs of C02, by supporting projects which protect our forests, clean up our oceans and provide clean cookstoves in the southern hemisphere. In return these projects benefit the local community and economy beyond just their environmental impacts.


Inspiring the next generation…

Building a world where we can aspire to have better and healthier lives, a cleaner and greener environment and one where inequality is not tolerated should not sound like utopia, but reality.

Reapp’s leadership team wholeheartedly supports taking a responsible approach. They are committed to engaging, inspiring and investing in future leaders, we know these are the bright minds that will drive our business forward while preserving the world we live in.

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