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Our Performance software gives sales and stock insights, plus prioritised actions to field teams to ensure that your brand is readily available and ready to sell like hot cakes.

How it works

Performance is the ‘to-do-list’ of Reapp

Performance creates actionable insights which are sent to mobile enabled field sales [ours or yours, depending on what you need to really perform] teams via the Reapp app.

This cutting-edge AI technology can view shelf stock levels to drive in-store performance and identify upcoming problems to deliver proactive solutions. 

The shelf-edge data is captured while the team is in-store using image recognition software, which is then fed back into Reapp Analytics creating a virtuous circle of real-time data.


Performance actions that are easy to see.

Reapp Performance can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. This could be monitoring promotional compliance, capturing gaps in availability, tracking competitor activity, even pricing, pos and packaging differentiation. 

Data is captured, processed by Reapp and then presented in your own bespoke dashboard. This laser-like insight means you know the current conditions and surroundings of individual products instantly and what actions need to be taken!


Unrivalled investment and innovation

We’ve invested over £10 million in our data and tech platforms over the last 5 years. This software can not be bought anywhere else. Like that famous retail saying “We don’t make products for anybody else!”

We’ve applied a mobile first strategy to create cutting edge solutions that require minimal customisation. This means you can be up and running quickly and really stealing a march on your competition.

Making complex actions, really simple

Reapp Performance works in partnership with Analytics to provide clear actions and insights, empowering field teams at the shelf edge through a Microsoft Snowflake environment.

This real time data, at the point of purchase, ensures your field team maximise availability and compliance efficiencies in store, every time.

This is exactly what we mean by making the complex simple, and the unseen, seen.

Nipping problems in the bud.

Reapp Performance means you can spot problems before they become, well, problems. Using  object recognition and AI tech, Performance works brilliantly with Reapp Analytics to ensure all data issues are identified, fixed, and works hard to spot any new ones.

Meaning you can outperform the competition.

Better performance. Less effort!

For brands Reapp Performance provides real time actions for field sales teams to maximise availability and compliance efficiencies in store.

Real time data ensures ultimate efficiency in store and that field teams are always focussed on the biggest opportunities, maximising your ROI with every visit.

Calculate your return on investment

You can begin to get an idea of just how powerful and effective Reapp is by putting some top level metrics into our clever calculator...


No. stores to visit

No. of products to check

Predicated incremental Sales Amounts




Figures shown are based on customer averages and are subject to change depending on your requirements

Real life.
Real time.
Real teamwork!

Performance is part of a suite of software that begins by harvesting data from many, many different sources to create the most well-rounded and detailed distillations and actions that will empower you, your team, your products. To give you an idea of how we do this, just some of our data sources are…

  • Retailer EPOS
  • Crowdsourced distribution data – Ireland & UK Convenience
  • Data from colleagues in store
  • Image recognition and store images
  • Online data from websites
  • Consumer and Retailer loyalty platforms
  • Customer KPIs
  • Demographic and Census
  • Meta data sources, such as weather, key event, and travel information

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Innocent Smoothies

14% increase in average ROI

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