Innocent Smoothies

Reapp guilty of increasing store coverage by 19% for Innocent Smoothies


Of overall cost saving to Innocent


RSV callage increase


Increased store coverage


Average share of shelf increase across categories


The Overview

Things went more than smoothly…

Innocent wanted to maximise their overall coverage in the UK, but through a reduced overall budget. So we devised and implemented a tactical muti-layered team structure, expanding coverage utilising our ISS & Flex teams (core team) but streamlining operations with a 19% reduced headcount.

In addition to our Solus team’s store coverage, the Innocent core team used data-led callage to increase coverage, dynamically targeting the top 125 RSV stores on a fortnightly basis.

Using our Reapp Analytics tool, we ensured we called on the right store, at the right time, maximising our impact on product availability and visibility in store with every single visit.

“Reapp ensures we have the actionable intelligence that really helps us make a difference in store.”

Kitty Pandya - Innocent, Commercial Manager



Innocent has been a disruptive player within the drinks category for some years having been acquired by Coca Cola they are in a market share battle with Pepsico across all UK retailers – with Innocent running their business independently from Coca Cola when it comes to all things ‘strategy.

As a result, they still strive to hold their ‘start-up vibe’ that’s loved by their customers all over the world.

Innocent held the objective of growing faster online and setting out a clear plan to win across retailers. 

With Smoothies a strategic priority, Innocent wanted to understand the drivers of current online performance, identify accelerators and then capitalise on the opportunities that would drive the biggest impact on sales. 

Reapp conducted a full audit of Innocent’s digital fingerprint and worked with the Ecommerce team to rank actions. They started with driving the highest projected value shift based on internal sku prioritisation and Reapp’s insight of change impact. 

Using the Reapp Analytics tool to delve into data and produce intuitive dashboards and reports, we helped Innocent identify areas to improve visibility against both search and retailer taxonomy to improve conversion and accelerate growth. 

Store specific availability was also identified as an inhibitor to Innocent’s growth regionally, so we tasked field teams with fixing the issues in affected stores. This improved visibility organically via retailer algorithms whilst increasing range in store.


Case study


ROI increased from £5.48 to £6.52

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